Song of Sparks: A Trombonist's Dream

part of Operation: Ponycorn Music Dreamers (it's all Timothy's fault.)

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About the game

(21:17:34) michcioperz: imagine void
(21:17:44) terrabyte_aura: a game about the void!
(21:17:55) michcioperz: I didn't mean it
(21:18:04) terrabyte_aura: no, it could actually work!
(21:18:24) terrabyte_aura: what if you were trapped in a void and you could make music to brighten it up
(21:18:30) michcioperz: cool!
(21:20:44) terrabyte_aura: ok, pretty void
(21:21:01) terrabyte_aura: an underlying arpeggio, minor to start
(21:21:08) terrabyte_aura: getting prettier
(21:21:12) terrabyte_aura: with every spark
(21:21:23) terrabyte_aura: like a beautiful haiku
(21:21:30) terrabyte_aura: about sakura blossom
(21:21:35) terrabyte_aura: or something like that
(21:21:47) terrabyte_aura: and this poetry created by this song
(21:21:52) terrabyte_aura: a song of sparks
(21:21:57) terrabyte_aura: generated by the void
(21:22:01) michcioperz: yesss
(21:22:08) terrabyte_aura: conducted by the player
(21:22:30) terrabyte_aura: in the key of a minor
(21:22:36) terrabyte_aura: and then major
(21:22:42) terrabyte_aura: and every key
(21:23:08) terrabyte_aura: these sparks appear, and can take shape
(21:23:27) terrabyte_aura: you can group them in shapes
(21:23:30) terrabyte_aura: make chords
(21:23:36) terrabyte_aura: in your pretty void
(21:24:02) terrabyte_aura: so you move your mouse around
(21:24:16) terrabyte_aura: and sparks are affected by it
(21:24:22) terrabyte_aura: in some way or another
(21:24:32) michcioperz: hmm
(21:24:33) terrabyte_aura: their movement making pretty notes
(21:25:48) terrabyte_aura: so these arpeggios
(21:25:55) terrabyte_aura: continue randomly
(21:26:08) terrabyte_aura: underlyingly
(21:26:32) terrabyte_aura: and a tune is created by conducting your sparks
(21:26:40) terrabyte_aura: creating them with the space bar
(21:26:51) terrabyte_aura:  as they appear from your cursor
(21:27:19) terrabyte_aura: they sing
(21:27:38) terrabyte_aura: pitch is y, x is position in tune
(21:28:10) terrabyte_aura: big groups pulse indefinitely
(21:28:21) terrabyte_aura: whilst small sparks disappear within a flash
(21:28:29) terrabyte_aura: sadly, but certainly
(21:28:50) terrabyte_aura: and poetry erupts from the void as these sparks sing
(21:28:57) terrabyte_aura: in the form of these words
(21:29:16) terrabyte_aura: a five minute game
(21:29:28) terrabyte_aura: as you continue, the sparks you produce get bigger
(21:29:41) terrabyte_aura: there is no real goal but to create pretty music
(21:30:14) terrabyte_aura: and by creating pretty music, you feel happy
(21:31:02) terrabyte_aura: really happy
(21:31:15) terrabyte_aura: about the world around you and your pretty little void
(21:31:23) terrabyte_aura: instruments are added as you go
(21:31:31) terrabyte_aura: and you feel like hugging people
(21:31:39) terrabyte_aura: because you can
(21:31:55) terrabyte_aura: everyone has a pretty little void
Puzzlem00n entered the room.
(21:32:04) terrabyte_aura: and these voids could communicate
(21:32:08) michcioperz: Puz, just in time
(21:32:13) Puzzlem00n: Am I?
(21:32:17) terrabyte_aura: and you could create pretty music together <3
(21:32:30) michcioperz: I think he drank something
(21:33:32) terrabyte_aura: I think that I'm drunk on beautiful music

And now we're here.

About the team

This game was originally for both 22Jams02, where we had to make a game with a person who'd never made a game (Finnbar), and MiniLD #43, "Music and Dreams." We call ourselves Team Fimichi, formerly Rebel Team AllHailNoah. Yup.


This game was done with Love2D framework.


Run what's in the repo with LÍVE. .